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Lost Projects

Model Railway 1B: Western Highlands
Western Highlands is a point-to-point model railway based on central and western New South Wales in the mid 1970s. The aim of the project is to make an 8 baseboard (2×4) layout with dual direction main lines, at least 5 stations with yards, as well as various other industry related assets to interact with, including a small branch line.

The main traffic on the route is coal and wheat, along with container and general goods as well as fuel tanker sidings at most townships.

The layout will comfortably be able to run 10 trains at all times with the configuration also suited to allow autonomous use of AI traffic for solo sessions.

Both east and west fiddle yards include a balloon loop with 6 holding roads, 2 terminus roads with run-around loops and engine storage facilities. The balloon loop also serves as a multiple industry asset to service trains “off the grid”.

NOTE: This route will forever remain incomplete. Lost in the great PSU power surge of 2015, both data and backup drives were simultaneously damaged beyond repair. - Western Highlands

Community Texture Project

A piece of your own backyard on your Trainz route.
I’d like to offer everyone the opportunity to have a piece of their own backyard on their Trainz routes by submitting a photo of a ground surface from their garden (or even somewhere in their local neighbourhood). This can be any surface you’d like – grass, soil, concrete, gravel, etc.

Simply take a direct top-down photo of the surface you would like to have a texture made from, save the file with your Trainz username and location, and submit via the File Upload form.

Each complete texture pack with everyone’s submissions will be available at the end of the month both on the Trainz community forums, and here on the website.

Entry conditions

  • Photos must be at least 1024×1024 resolution
  • Photos must contain your Trainz username in the file name
  • Photos must contain your location in the file name

Eg. FirstSoloFlight-BrisbaneAustralia.jpeg

File Upload

Accepted file types: .jpg .jpeg .png .tif .tiff .tga .bmp